Wraithsong: Desirable Creatures Series - Book I

Wraithsong - Desirable Creatures Series, Book I - E.J. Squires "Wraithsong" by E.J. Squires My twist:
Favorite character: Anthony, the young sexy hero, with strong legs and firm behind, with broad shoulders and tanned six-pack; oh, the things that I would do to Anthony if I could get my hands on him! (Please don't tell my husband I just said that!)
Favorite quote: "Who does this guy think he is? He seems like a gardener from hell."
Favorite name: Anthony, of course; I like everything about Anthony.
Least favorite character: Olaf - that guy just gives me the creeps.
Least favorite quotes: "algebra" - I really don't like algebra.
                                       "You'll be down on your knees a lot..." - what the??? Anthony, behave yourself, you've just met the girl!
Least favorite name: Skuld - I keep forgetting all through the book that it's a woman; the name sounds so... masculine.
Aspirin of the book:
"Remain honest and faithful in love and devoted to the tried and true friend."
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