"Dethalissicus" by Chelsea Brooke

Dethalissicus: The Parting of the Worlds - Chelsea Brooke

My Twist:


Favorite character: Amienus Muiretaamas, going by the name of Amien - in my opinion, it is the most complex character in the novel; he is now a cruel pirate, burning houses and taking slaves, then he is the nicest pirate on the sea, then he mysteriously disappears and reappears when you least expect him, then he is... but I'll let you discover that for yourselves, as I allow no spoilers in my reviews.
Favorite quotes (trust me, it was difficult to choose only two): "It started raining and the fires began to hiss in protest." 
            "The men [were] talking so loudly that I felt the birds had stopped singing, not in fright, but because they had gone deaf and could not hear themselves." 
Favorite name: Rhain - it just feels soft on your tongue, and sounds like warm soft rain. 

Least favorite characters: Cillian - a snake 

                                 Ailbhe - why do I dislike him? Just take a look at my "least favorite quote".
Least favorite quote: "He was the one who stole Fenella's cat and strung it by its tail until it was heard screaming from the barn and was rescued." - I am an animal lover and a cat person. It's a good thing that that poor cat was saved, otherwise I would have stopped my reading here! I say NO to animal cruelty, even if it's imaginary!
Least favorite name: Giwahanen - why don't I like it? Well, just try to pronounce it... and if only it was the only name like that...



Aspirin of the book:


If you find that you endure pain, hunger, thirst and other hardships better than anybody else, if you find yourself kissing a relative or being kidnapped, don't worry, it might mean that you are a magical creature.


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