The Unfinished - Patrice Williams Marks The Prediction - Darren Sugrue Squirrel of Magic - Olga Godim The Time Machine Investors - Nuria de la Nuez Clytie's Caller - Sharon E. Cathcart Psychophilia - Michelle Muckley Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories - Richard Bunning

As a newbie on BookLikes, I was extremely excited when I discovered the giveaways. Thinking of it as a lottery, a game of numbers, I entered ALL the giveaways that were organized for what-looked-like interesting books, hoping that, maybe, I will win one. 


I have received seven so far!


And I have made a commitment to myself that I will read and review all of them, of course. But, God, when? And, please, make them stop!


Am I complaining about winning? No! Or am I? I guess I am... a little...


Seriously now, I want to thank all the authors for organizing giveaways, for sending me their work, and I also want to thank the automatic system that chose me as a winner (w00t! w00t!).


Also, a word to the authors: please be patient with me, I do have a day job, unfortunately :(