"Fifty Egg Timer (Short) Stories" by Richard Bunning

Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories - Richard Bunning

My Twist:


Favorite story: “Pray for Mabinty’s Dream”. In a note at the end of the story the author mentions that he has not had first-hand knowledge on the subject. Well, dear Richard Bunning, I have. I have met and heard the stories of people travelling from the south of Africa, on foot, thousands and thousands of kilometers, for years on end, with nothing more than the clothes on their back, to get to the promised land: Europe. Your story is “very real”.


Favorite quote: “There is even a sort of ‘Wi-Fi’ I’ve invented, Why Fly, so that I have creatures to chat to. I pull off flies’ wings, so that they can’t abandon me.” (“Pink’s Reflection”) Dark humor is my cup of tea; need I say more?


Least favorite story: “Generic Hospital TV Drama” -  no matter how short the story was, I couldn’t finish it. If I were a soap-opera kind of ‘gal, I might have liked it.


Least favorite quote: “roasted cat organs are great in sandwiches” - eww, just eww! ("The Fixer - Dinah Paltrow's Job Story").



Aspirin of the book:


Word to writers everywhere: no matter what kind of author you are, what types of books you write, the amount of research that goes into your creation, or how long it takes you to finish a novel, in the end, you have written nothing more than an egg.


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