"Squirrel of Magic" by Olga Godim

Squirrel of Magic - Olga Godim

My Twist:


Favorite story: It is hard to choose. I loved all of them. I wished there were more. For the sake of the argument, let’s say I preferred “A Witching Spree”, the first short story of the book. I think it was the funniest one. It narrates the adventures Darya goes through after she receives her familiar, how she has to smuggle the squirrel into Canada, how she has to break into a house, and lets you into her very imaginative and original use of magic.


Favorite character: Beatrice, Darya's familiar, a cranky squirrel, who enlightens the mood with her comments and harsh words toward her witch and especially toward her friends. A character that always speaks her mind, no matter the situation she is in. Egocentric and jealous, she actually loves her mistress, though she would never admit it in so many words, but does not fail to show her affection when Darya needs it most. You can also read Beatrice's interview to find out more about this character.


Favorite quote: “Witch? […] Are we in Vancouver? Why is this place reeking of spirit? […] Are you drunk?” Darya couldn’t stop laughing. “Oh, Beatrice! I just had a twelve-hour transatlantic flight, smuggled a squirrel into Canada, engaged in a car chase, broke into a house, stole my suitcase, and vandalized their lock. I’m so wicked!”[…] “You are drunk! I’m hungry. Where is my mango?” (“A Witching Spree”)


Favorite name: Darya – it sounds like a normal-enough name, but has enough exotism in it to belong to a witch.


Least favorite character: Duncan – the bad guy in “Hypnosis Diarrhea”, a bullying boyfriend who gets what he deserves, with a bit of magic and a lot of humor (as you can guess from the suggestive title of the story).


Least favorite quote: “Oops! I did it again…”


Least favorite name: Britney Spears (no comment).


Aspirin of the book:


Whenever life sucks, and you are surrounded by villains, in need of a way to escape, you can always do a bit of magic with a glass of brandy.


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