"Evolution of Angels" by Nathan Wall

  The first eBook of the series “Evolution of Angels” has its official release today, June 5th, and I have had the honor of receiving an ARC for an honest review that you can read on Reviews with a Twist.




My Twist:


Favorite character: Oreios, a “bad dude, named after a cookie”, a mercenary who fights for whichever side seems to hold the winning hand at a particular moment. He has a very interesting and original supernatural power (you’ll have to read the book to find out what that is), he is quite funny and impartial, and he is probably the only character who doesn’t have a hidden agenda of his own. Or does he?


Favorite quote:Woo, go America,’ another drunk voice yelled out, prompting a cheer from the crowd, making everyone erupt in applause.” - This sounds just like a real-life speech. All that’s missing is the flying shoes (or is that too old of a joke for you?).


Favorite name: I’ll have to go with Oreios again.


Least favorite character: Elliot, probably the meanest guy of them all, the proverbial snake pretending to be a friend.


Least favorite quote:pulled the blade out, releasing a gush of blood and guts” – eew!


Least favorite name: Hershiser – this name can be considered, by itself, a tongue-twister.


Aspirin of the book:



The phrase “you are an angel” changed its connotation for me. I’ll think twice before saying that to anybody again, and I certainly hope that the person to whom I’ll be saying it will not actually be an angel or one of his descendants.


Source: http://bookplaza.blogspot.com