"The Prediction" by Darren Sugrue

The Prediction - Darren Sugrue


Don't start reading this novel, if you don't have time to finish it! It gets you hooked from the first paragraphs, and it asks to be read in one sitting.


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Favorite character: Edward, the old man whom Claire meets in the supermarket, and who helps her realize that she can get through her loss. It might be the most unbelievable character in the book – I mean, who goes for a smoothie with a total stranger they have just met while shopping? – but I like his role, his empathy, and the fact that his words are made important without making him an important (read "main") character.

Favorite quote: "There was no need to lock it [the door of the crane] after him. If a thief was willing to risk his life climbing all the way up to steal a Rubik’s cube, Daniel didn’t want to disappoint him." – one of the many quotes that I loved. I could probably quote the entire 58th Chapter, to make my point, but the copyright prohibits it.

Favorite name: Claire – meaning "bright" or "clear", this name is attributed to a person who is going through the darkest moments in her life.


Least favorite character: Otto, Grace's abusive husband, the drunkard, the villain – no one could like him.

Least favorite quote: "'File for a divorce. Move in with me,' he blurted out." – guys really don't get it, do they? Like it's that simple!

Least favorite name: Darth Vader – I've never liked this one.



"We all labour against our own cure, for death is the cure of all diseases." - Sir Thomas Browne

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